The Scarlet Fire Racing club was started in 1997 by Craig Savage and Darin Marhanka after Craig moved to Indianapolis from Kansas City. From this humble two rider team has grown one of the most visible and prolific master's racing programs in the country.

In 1999 the team was joined by multiple national championship winner Chuck Moll, Tom Lobdell and Bill Bedwell. Moll is now retired from racing but is considered a lifetime member and Lobdell is still with the team. From 1999-2003 the team won over 100 races on both the road and the track including national and world championships.

As the team grew it began to look for and acquire riders from outside the Indianapolis region. In 2005 Illinois Elite time trial and road race champion and National Racing Calendar road race winner Mark Swartzendruber joined the team. 2005 was a fantastic season which saw the team win multiple races throughout the Midwest, highlighted by wins at the Memorial Day Weekend races in Muscatine, IA and Rock Island, IL by Marhanka.

2006 brought still more changes as the team picked up National sponsorship from Delta Faucet under the management of John Singleton and Jeannie Moles. Marhanka moved to Georgia and the team picked up 2005 Masters Points Race champion Kelly Sparks, Chris Mosora and IL Road Race Champion David Stone. Highlights of the 2006 season were national medals in the time trial by Swartzendruber as well as by Sparks on the track and State road and criterium championship by Stone and Sparks.

As the team has grown, we now have riders in 4 population centers. Chicagoland, Indianapolis, Columbus, IN and Champaign, IL. The team also has retained riders who have moved with jobs to Colorado and founding team member Craig Savage resides in South Carolina.

Our riders have a rich history of racing at the very top of the elite level both nationally and internationally and we communicate and race together in a way that is recognized by other teams as a model of pure class.

We require our masters riders to be USAC Category 1 or 2 and to be either a State or National Champion. We also have Category racers and team riders at the club level. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us with a 3 year race resume and how you believe you can contribute to the team's continued success.

We are often asked about the etymology of Scarlet Fire Racing. Savage and Marhanka were Dead Heads back in the day and one of their favorite Grateful Dead jams was when the band performed "Scarlet Begonias" and "Fire on the Mountain" back to back in concert is a set that is commonly referred to as "Scarlet Fire"...

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